Videos & Demonstrations

A selection of videos produced by members of Ceramic Arts Queensland along with some world-class masters who have given us permission to reproduce their work.

Ceramic Arts Queensland

Videos produced by Ceramic Arts Queensland.

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 Bill Powell


Master potter Bill Powell demonstrates techniques for throwing large ceramic vessels in commercial quantities. Bill Powell was born in Victoria in 1959 and moved to Queensland in 1971 and completed his Fine Arts Diploma at the Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education, majoring in ceramics. Bill established a studio on the Gold Coast in 1980. Bill honed his wheelthrowing skills as a contracted production potter within many Queensland potteries, developing a reputation as a master of the pottery wheel.

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Hsin Chuen Lim


Hsin-Chuen Lin was born in 1962 in Kaoxiong Xian, Taiwan. In 1981, he took his first ceramic course from the famous ceramic artist,  Rhang-Nung Wu. He went to graduate school at the University of Iowa where he received his Master of Fine Art degree in ceramics. Hsin-Chuen Lin moved to California in 1991. His beautiful vessels are first thrown, then torn, punched, squeezed, decorated, and finally fired, such as raku, sagger, gas and wood fire depending on what he wants to express.

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