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Influential Queensland Woodfirers

Influential Queensland Woodfirers

A study of 14 of Queensland's most influential woodfirers - what they produced and how
Author: Dianne Peach
Publishers: Ceramic Arts Queensland & Brisbane Institute of Art

This seminal work looks at the influence that Queensland ceramic artists has had on the woodfiring movement in Australia and internationally by examining the work of 14 of our most respected woodfiring practitioners.

Written by Dianne Peach, this was a companion book to the exhibition of these works which was curated for the Smoke on the Water 2017 Conference in Cooroy Queensland.  The collection of art ceramics from these renown artists was a rare event in itself as works were gathered from public and private collections throughout Australia. 

The book on the collection looks at the works themselves and also at the methods employed by these ceramic artists to produce the works.

The book is perfect bound and printed on high quality paper making it suitable for enthusiasts, collectors and archivists.

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Milton Moon on 01-11-2017 12:00 AM
A worthy publication - Milton Moon
Owen Rye on 05-11-2017 02:35 AM
Influential Queensland Woodfirers was an important exhibition, professionally organised and presented, showing the ceramic art of fourteen significant Queenslanders who commenced woodfiring in the 70s or earlier. Each work was chosen for its strength or beauty and can be viewed for that alone, but the exhibition had significant historical value and was important for that reason as well.
The beautifully prepared and presented catalogue has a short essay by Dianne Peach, the curator, followed by a valuable insight into each artist along with images of their work. Thoroughly recommended, five stars.
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