Anne Mossman

Anne Mossman is a ceramic artist who creates collections of polished porcelain vessels. They are imbued with the textures, shapes and colours of her inherited and landscaped surroundings.

“Whilst each piece is a finished vessel in itself it’s only when they are grouped together, in a composition, they truly speak to me of my surroundings. The pierced vessels imitate the layering of shadows, borrow from the tracings of insects and evoke the patterns of leaves, seeds and stony tracts. The inlay pieces mimic the colours of the native and exotic shrubs, and the sticks and leaves in the less formal parts of the garden. When they are grouped together they echo the visual interest I love in my surroundings.”

Most of the vessels are slip cast to provide the necessary thin and even walls for the lace-like carving and myriad piercings. The coloured vessels are similarly slip cast but with the slivers of patterns and organic coloured shapes being placed in the mold before the slip casting process.

Anne’s studio is in the hinterland of Currumbin on the Gold Coast, Australia where she has also developed a large garden that inspires her visual interests.

Anne graduated with a Diploma in Ceramics (ANU – high distinction) 2007.

She exhibits locally and regionally and has been successful in The Ceramic Art Award (Gold Coast), Townsville Ceramic Art Award, Clunes Ceramic Award, Gold Coast Potters and Border Art Prize, Stanthorpe Art Award, Ignition (Suncoast Clayworkers) and Art Unlimited.

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Anne Mossman
Gold Coast
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