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Sue Fraser

Sue Fraser Sue Fraser

Gallery of recent work

A life time of associations with horses and equine activities has provided me with an innate knowledge of the physical attributes of the horse.

My love of all things equine gives me an insight into the horses’ expressive nature. Its’ strength, and the sense of freedom and power women experience in their presence makes the horse an evocative subject for my artistic expression  

My equine sculptures are based on real or imagined stories of relationships between horses and humans.

Through the language of symbols, colour, surface treatment and shape I develop individual pieces that celebrate the impact the horse has, or has had, in society.

My work is all hand built. I use various clay bodies, local found clay as bodies and slips, embossed symbolic narratives and the alchemy of firing techniques to develop individual pieces.  

I am particularly interested in the women of the Tang dynasty who were referred to as Thin Horses, educated in the arts, writing, painting, music, repartee, deportment to enhance their value in political and cultural exchange.

They exercised considerable freedoms but were pawns for territorial alliances and consolidation. These ideas and the impact of the horse throughout history have an ongoing influence on my work.                                                              

Additional Info

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2008     Bachelor Visual Arts – Graduated Southern Cross University Lismore

2003     Diploma of Ceramics – Graduated TAFE Northern Rivers, Lismore-

1986 - 1992  University of New England Armidale NSW, Units in Archaeology, History, Social Science, Palaeoanthropology and Aboriginal Studies.



2012     Byron Arts Classic Council Acquisitive  Prize, Byron Bay NSW

2012     Waves & Waterways Exhibition & Sale Packing Room Prize Ballina, NSW

2011     Woollam Waltzing Matild Outback Art Show 2011, 2nd May - 24th June 2011 Outback Regional Gallery Winton QLD| 1st  3D Outback Art Prize

2011     Artfelt Art Prize Exhibition 7th Sept – 10th Oct., Ballina Community Art Gallery 3rd Prize

2003     Coraki 3D Art Prize Coraki NSW

2001     Thursday Plantation Sculpture Show – Student Art Prize ‘Rosa a horse drama’



  • Grafton Regional Gallery, Grafton NSW
  • Gangjin Celadon Porcelain Festival Museum South Korea
  • Byron Shire Council, Byron Bay NSW



2016   Walers & Warriors Club Mullum Art Gallery

2014   Art & Equine Haydon Hall Murrurundi April 30th - May 1st 2015

2014   Art & Equine Haydon Hall Murrurundi 1st May 1st June 2014

2014    Art and the Horse Craft NSW, Sydney Chinese New Year exhibition 28th Jan-16th Feb.   

2010    Spirited Horses Grafton Regional Gallery 7th July – Sunday 29th August 2010

2009    Spring Carnival Northern Rivers Community Gallery Ballina

2008    Spirit of Yangzhou’s Horses Wattling Galleries Southpor

2008    Guardians of Empress Wu Art & Culture Exhibition, Byron Bay t

2005    Impressions Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute, Jingdezhen, China



2014     Pieces of Eight Northern Rivers Community Gallery Ballina Aug-Sept 2014

2013     Amsterdam Art Fair with Retrospect Planet Byron Bay

2013     Brussels & Milan Affordable Art Fair with Retrospect Planet Byron Bay

2013     Table Manners – Group Show curated by Suvira McDonald - Northern Rivers Community Gallery Ballina October 2 – 27th

2012     Stockholm Art Fair with Retrospect Planet Byron Bay

2012     Table Manners Group Show curated by Suvira McDonald Northern Rivers Community Gallery Ballina May 2nd – 27th

2012     Dragons Back Group Show, Tweed River Art Gallery, 23rd March – 6th May


2011     Northern Style Group Show, Curated by Lyn Cole - Ceramics, Cudgegong Gallery, Gulgong, 2nd December 2011 – 30th   January 2012

2011     Artisans in the Garden Lion Gate Lodge, Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney, 8th October – 16th October

2010     Border Art Prize Exhibition Tweed River Art Gallery 3 December 2010 - 23 January 2011.

2010     SOFA Chicago November 5-7 with Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery Argentina.

2010     Swallowing Clouds Northern Rivers Communities Gallery Ballina, September 4th – October 10th

2010     International Ceramic Artist Exhibition Gangjin, South Korea August 7-20,

2009     Post Cards Alumni Exhibition, Next Gallery SCU, Lismore

            FEHVA 48 hrs of Art Bangalow A&I Hall –

            Footprints NEXT Art Gallery, Southern Cross University, Lismore                    

            Stanthorpe Art Prize Exhibition Stanthorpe Art Gallery, Stanthorpe

2007    Transition Graduation Show Southern Cross University, Lismore

            Diversity Dialogues The Alleyway Gallery, Lismore

2003    Thursday Plantation Sculpture Show 'Rosa..a horse opera' Student Art Prize


Artist Residency/Tours

2015   Shigaraki Cultural Park  Artist Residency 1st Sept – 28th September

2010    International Ceramic Artist Exhibition & Workshop Gangjin, South Korea August 7-20,

2009    Pottery Workshop Jingdezhen China & research trip to Xian & Xining.

2005    Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute Jingdezhen, China www.chinaclayart.com/



2010     Ceramics Today Jeffrey B. Snyder, Editor. (ISBN: 9780764334658), p.66

2009     Ceramic Art & Perception Vol. 76 pp. 76-77. ‘Guardians of Empress Wu’ written by Louise Fulton. www.ceramicart.com.au/

2009     Craft Arts International Vol. 76  Portfolio p.118 http://www.craftarts.com.au/aboutus.asp



Craft NSW http://www.artsandcraftsnsw.com.au/

Art Aspects Gallery Lismore www.artaspectsgallery.com.au