Stephen Clark – Successful Grant Application

Preparing a grant application can be a challenge at the best of times. Director, Stephen Clark will provide tools and tips that will increase your chances to win the support you need to get your great idea off the ground.

Event Date 30-03-2017 10:00 am
Event End Date 26-03-2017 12:30 pm
Registration Start Date 01-03-2017
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 0
Cut off date 30-03-2017
Individual Price Members: $25 | Non-members: $45

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Malcolm Greenwood 5 Day Workshop

Join Malcolm Greenwood for the opportunity to learn and absorb some of the skills and experience Malcolm has gained in 38 years of working with clay. A journey which began by studying with Japanese master potter Makoto Yabe and continues today with Malcolm making his living entirely from selling his work.

Event Date 01-05-2017 10:00 am
Event End Date 05-05-2017 4:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 0
Individual Price If you bring your own wheel, you will receive a $50 discount on the workshop fee.

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Janet DeBoos Workshop: Glazes and other stuff

The Janet DeBoos Workshop: “Glazes and other stuff” is presented by the Darling Downs Potters’ Club. Janet DeBoos is a prominent Australian ceramic artist and teacher. She has written two best selling books on glazes, co-authored Handbook for Australian Potters and has written numerous articles for Australian and international ceramic’s journals on ceramic art practice, education and glaze technology.

Event Date 06-05-2017 9:00 am
Event End Date 07-05-2017 4:00 am
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 0

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Spring Fever

Come and join us to experience this unique ceramic event! Demonstrations,  Forums, Question and Answers Sessions and much more.

Event Date 08-09-2017 9:00 am
Event End Date 11-09-2017 4:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 0

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Your Artistic Reputation Online

Learn the importance of self-branding and reputation management for your online presence as an artist.

Event Date 23-10-2017 7:00 am
Event End Date 23-10-2017 8:00 am
Capacity Unlimited
Art of Anagama

Arcadia Studio Presents Art of Anagama Woodfire Workshop with Gyan Daniel Wall

Event Date 28-10-2017
Event End Date 05-11-2017
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price $550.00
Birthing Big Pots: Creating Big Magic

Engage in a dynamic exploration of creativity, daring, and the art of finding one’s center in a two-week immersion combining skill-building in clay with a genuine deeper look within.

Event Date 29-10-2017 9:00 am
Event End Date 11-11-2017 4:00 am
Capacity 12
Available place 12
Southside Art Markets

Join the members of Ceramic Arts Queensland for another fun day of Raku at the Southside Art Market. Choose your favourite shaped pot, glaze it and the skilled CAQ volunteers will fire it.

Event Date 19-11-2017 8:00 am
Event End Date 19-11-2017 3:00 am
Capacity Unlimited
Sturt Summer School

Expand your repertoire when making tableware. In this course you will learn a variety of wheel-throwing and altering techniques, focusing on tableware, design and function.

Event Date 03-01-2018
Event End Date 07-01-2018
Capacity Unlimited
Ceramic surface: creating imagery with Cathy Franzi

Learn to ‘draw’ textural imagery into the clay surface using carving, incising, sgraffito, water erosion and inlay techniques.

Event Date 03-01-2018 9:00 am
Event End Date 07-01-2018 4:00 am
Capacity 12
Available place 12
Raku Workshop with Kathy Valks

An introduction to the unpredictable art of Raku firing.

Throughout this full day workshop you will create lustre glazed work and experiment with feather technique and application; horsehair application and eggshell slip application.

Students will take home their very own masterpieces.

Tutor: Kathy Valks of Bellyfire Pottery

Hosted by: Syndicate Creative Sunshine Coast

Location: Buderim, Sunshine Coast

Date: Saturday 21 April 2018 9 am - 3.30 pm

Cost: $180.00 per person.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. To register your interest — at Belly Fire Pottery.

Open to all skill levels – beginners to advanced. ****BOOKINGS**** Closing date for bookings 1/3/18 (numbers are limited)

Event Date 21-04-2018 9:00 am
Event End Date 21-04-2018 3:30 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 0

We are no longer accepting registration for this event


Moreton Bay's Premier Ceramic Art Event will be held on the 12 and 13 May 2018. There will be demonstrations, hands-on workshops, information and an exhibition.

Event Date 12-05-2018
Event End Date 13-05-2018
Capacity Unlimited
Printmaking on Clay

Gold Coast Potter's Association have 3 workshops over May, June and July which are not to be missed; Printmaking with Stephanie Outeridge Field, Mould Making with Lyn Russell and Create a Series of Objects to Form a collection with Anne Mossman.

Event Date 20-05-2018 9:30 am
Event End Date 27-05-2018 4:30 am
Capacity Unlimited
Mould making with Lyn Russell

Gold Coast Potters present a Mould Making Workshop with Lyn Russell.

Event Date 03-06-2018 9:30 am
Capacity Unlimited
La Meridiana Residential Ceramic Courses and Pottery Workshops

Since 1981 La Meridiana offers residential Ceramic Courses and Pottery Workshops of one or two weeks for beginners, advanced and professional potters.
The programme for the year 2018 is now on-line, with a variety of topics that refer to the ceramic processes:
hand building, throwing, trimming, decorating, study and application of glazes and the various firing techniques (majolica, raku, high temperature, salt & soda, wood, etc).

The Ceramic School is set in a restored 17th century farmhouse, in the centre of Tuscany, land of Etruscan and Roman culture, medieval architecture and renaissance splendour. Our goal is to offer a facility dedicated to a continual education in the ceramic art, a meeting ground in a place rich in Italian culture.
On Centre is a twelve week residential course based on throwing techniques, study and experimentation of claybodies, glazes and firings.


PROGRAMME 2018 - 37th year !

January 7th – March 31st 2018
The residential twelve week course for an in depth training on throwing, clay bodies, glazes and firing.

Application for the 2019 edition will open
in May 2018

01 Throwing Marathon
One more ton of clay to be centred!
Franco Rampi
January 2nd – 6th 2018

Throwing. For all

15 Understanding Porcelain
Understand the peculiar qualities of porcelain in order to throw, alter and hand build successfully beyond the wheel.
Antoinette Badenhorst
April 8th – 21st  2018

Throwing and decoration. Intermediate and advanced
17 Porcelain: Colour and Light
The extraordinary potential of vitreous porcelain.
Curtis Benzle -
April 22nd – 28th 2018

Handbuilding. Beginners/Intermediate
117 Hand of the Maker - Touch of Soul
A Woodfiring experience
Stephen Mickey
April 29th – May 12th, 2018

Throwing, Woodfiring. Beginners and advanced
19 Jewelery in Porcelain
Design, make and assemble sophisticated jewellery in fine porcelain.
Luca Tripali
May 6th – 12th 2018
Hand building. For all
20 Spring Throwing Marathon
Non-stop throwing!
Franco Rampi -
May 13 – 19, 2018

Throwing. For all
23 Clay, Gnocchi & More
Learn how to make and use flameware. With Italian cuisine!
Franco Rampi
Lucia Zucconi
May 27th – June 6th 2018

Throwing, handbuilding, cooking. Non beginners
24 Slip Ware Masterclass
A glorious decoration technique in a contemporary interpretation.
Richard Phethean 
June 9th – 16th 2018
Throwing, decoration. Masterclass
25 Terra Sig and Soft Raku
A modern interpretation of an antique technique
Rosana Antonelli
June 17 – 23, 2018

Terra Sig and Raku. For all
Woodfiring Symposium with Diagonal 11
Creation of a common piece, to be woodfired in the “Bagnano Express”
June 17th – 30th 2018
For detailed information please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Initiated by Evelyne Schönmann
26 Inlaid Porcelain
Coloration and stratification of slips and porcelain bodies to obtain intriguing.
Susan Nemeth
June 24th – 30th 2018
Handbuilding. For All
27 Mould making & Bone China
Paper mould making techniques and casting pieces in bone china with a master of materials.
John Shirley 
July 1st – 7th 2018
Mould Making and Casting. For all
28 Watercolour on Porcelain
The use of soluble metallic salts, for captivating colour effects. 
John Shirley 
July 8th  – 14th  2018

Decoration techniques. Intermediate
29 Naked Raku and Mica Infusion related Bare Clay Techniques
Naked Raku over colourful surfaces.
Kate & Will Jacobson
July 15th – 28th 2018

Raku. For all
30 Summer Throwing
A throwing and glazing intensives
Franco Rampi
July 22nd – 31st , 2018

Throwing. For beginners and intermediate
32 Stoneware Throwing
Two intense weeks with instructors of great experience.
John Colbeck
Franco Rampi
August 5th – 18th 2018

Throwing. For all
34 Porcelain Throwing
Throwing and finishing porcelain vessels.
John Colbeck
Franco Rampi
August 19th – September 1st 2018

Throwing. For all
136 Summer Throwing II
A throwing and glazing intensives
Franco Rampi
September 2 - 11, 2018

Throwing. For beginners and intermediate
36 Tuscan Sculpture Symposium
Sculpture from the life model. With possibility for casting
Facilitators: Lorri Acott and Adam Schultz
September 2nd – 15th 2018  

Sculpture. Intermediate and advancedl
37 The infinite vessel
A vital approach to coiling, pinching and surface decoration.
Rachel Wood
September 9th – 15th, 2018
Handbuilding. For all
138 Advanced Jewelry in Porcelain
Further techniques for sophisticated jewelry in fine porcelain.
Luca Tripaldi
September 16th – 22nd 2018

Hand building. Advanced
38 Shape’n Shake in Tuscany
Ellen Shankin -
September 16th – 29th 2018
Throwing. Intermediate and advanced
For information and booking please write to Ellen Shankin: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
39 Screenprint on Clay: The Ship
Transferring images with the possibility of superimposing colour.
Maria Geszler-Garzuly
September 23th – 29th 2018

Handbuilding. For all
40 The Layered Figure
Coil-building the human form and developing surface imagery through drawing, carving and texturing.
Adrian Arleo
September 30th  - October 13th 2018

Sculpture. Non beginners
42 The Ceramic Animal
Figurative sculpture with special techniques of surface treatment.
Andreas Hinder
October 14 – 20, 2018
Handbuilding. For all
43 Fire Works
La Meridiana’s “Bagnano Express”
on an ideal journey
David Trueb
October 12th – 19th 2018

Woodfiring. Non-beginners
A two-month intensive course on throwing and decoration techniques for stoneware.
John Colbeck & Franco Rampi
October 21 – December 15, 2018

Application to this course will open on December 1st, 2017.
Event Date 01-07-2018
Event End Date 31-12-2018
Capacity Unlimited
Create a Series of Objects to Form a Collection

A Workshop with Anne Mossman with the emphasis on coloured clay techniques.

Event Date 07-07-2018
Event End Date 09-07-2018
Capacity Unlimited
Raku Workshop

Beaudesert Potters are holding a Raku, Obvara and Horsehair and Feather firing day on the 14 July from 9am - 4pm.

Event Date 14-07-2018 9:00 am
Event End Date 14-07-2018 4:00 am
Capacity Unlimited
Individual Price $80.00
JamFactory Associate Training Program

JamFactory’s Associate Training Program provides high-level skills and business training for artists, craftspeople and designers working in the areas of Ceramics, Glass, Furniture or Jewellery + Metal.

As a JamFactory Associate, you will:

  • Improve your design, making and business skills
  • Further develop your own work and creative identity
  • Enhance your presentation and communication skills
  • Increase your profile and expand professional networks
  • Be exposed to significant career development opportunities
  • Have access to outstanding specialist facilities.

Key Activies as a JamFactory Associate Include:

Working with creative staff to develop a tailored two-year work plan that is reviewed every six months to ensure personal goals are being met.

Working on design, development and production of real projects, products and commissions within a successful and highly collaborative studio environment.

Actively participating in day to day maintenance, improvement and operation of the studio.

Developing new individual work for potential sale through JamFactory shops with the opportunity to formally present work for consideration every two months.

Developing new individual work for potential exhibition at JamFactory or elsewhere.

Entry into the program is highly competitive with applicants usually having completed tertiary level study in one of the four studio areas or a closely related art or design discipline. Applications are shortlisted and interviews are conducted to select up to four Associates within each studio each year.

The cost to JamFactory of each Associate position is between $15,000 and $20,000 per annum. This cost is covered by a partial subsidy from Arts SA and through commercial activity undertaken in each studio.

An administration fee of $1,100 is payable by each Associate per annum (this fee can be paid in advance, or as a deduction from income earned in the program). Associates receive income from commercial work undertaken in the studios and from the delivery of workshops and public programs.

Associates are encouraged to use the facilities to generate additional income through sales of work (through JamFactory shops or other outlets) and private commissions. International applicants pay a fee of $11,000 per annum.


Download Associate Information Sheet

Download Associate Application Form

Enquiries are encouraged in advance. Applications close 31 August each year. If you would like to apply, please contact Claudine Fernandez, Project Officer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more before submitting a written application.

Event Date 01-08-2018
Event End Date 31-08-2018
Capacity Unlimited
Art Teachers Professional Development Day

Art Teachers Professional Development Day, ART IN CLAY is a professional development day specifically designed for Art teachers by an Art teacher.

Event Date 03-08-2018
Event End Date 03-08-2018
Registration Start Date 24-05-2018
Capacity Unlimited
Painting with Fire Wood-Firing Workshop

Be guided through all the steps of firing Arcadia's traditional Japanese anagama kiln, 'Syrinx' at Arcadia in beautiful Cooroy in the Queensland Noosa hinterland.

Event Date 11-08-2018
Event End Date 19-08-2018
Capacity 12
Available place 12
Individual Price $550.00
$550.00 12
An Evening with The Dragon

A rare opportunity to see a Japanese style Anagama Kiln being fired

Event Date 14-08-2018 5:45 am
Event End Date 14-08-2018
Capacity 12
Available place 12
Individual Price $35.00
$35.00 12
2 Day Pit Firing and Raku Workshop

A unique opportunity to participate in a 2 day clay workshop with Leisa Gunton at Booloumba Arts.

Event Date 25-08-2018
Event End Date 26-08-2018
Capacity Unlimited
JAC 582 Launch - Brisbane

We're heading to Brisbane, QLD, to launch The Journal of Australian Ceramics (JAC) July 2019 ...

... and we hope you can join us! It's a day for all potters, ceramic artists and those who love ceramics to join us for a demo, a talk, lunch and a panel ... as much good stuff as we can pack in to 6 hours.


: GATHER & MEET: come along a little early and grab a coffee or tea whilst you meet the community

10–11am: DAN ELBORNE: a brief artist talk & presentation about this recent Deathgate project, then some time for questions and discussion about Daniel's practice.

11am – 12 noon: LARISSA WARREN: a demonstration of nerikomi slab plates – inserting a nerikomi block into a slab of porcelain.

12noon – 12.30pm: VICKI GRIMA from TACA & JAC will chat about publishing & photos.

12.30–1.30pm: LUNCH (provided by TACA and CAQ)

1.30–3pm: PANEL DISCUSSION: CLAIRE SOURGNES (Artisan CEO), KYLIE JOHNSON (artist, author and owner of paper boat press), and MEGAN PULS (ceramic artist, potter and experimenter) and one or two other guests TBC; chaired by Vicki Grima

3–4pm: CHAT & DRINK: stay around to wrap up with a glass of beer, champers or something lighter!

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; subject: JAC LAUNCH BRISBANE

Event Date 21-07-2019 9:30 am
Event End Date 21-07-2019 4:00 pm
Registration Start Date 11-06-2019
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 0
Cut off date 20-07-2019

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Janet DeBoos Weekend Glaze Workshop - bookings closed

The Janet DeBoos Weekend Glaze Workshop is a participatry workshop.

Event Date 24-08-2019 9:30 am
Event End Date 25-08-2019 4:00 pm
Registration Start Date 10-03-2019
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 31
Cut off date 14-08-2019
Individual Price Members $170. Non-Members $200

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Raku Play Day

Join Ceramic Arts Queensland for an exciting day discovering the many aspects of this practice, and sharing your tips and tricks.


Event Date 13-09-2020 9:30 am
Event End Date 13-09-2020 4:00 pm
Registration Start Date 25-07-2020
Capacity 24
Registered 24
Available place 0
Cut off date 13-09-2020
Individual Price Members $45 Non-Members $80

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

long 1200Noosa Open Studios Art Trail provides locals and visitors to our beautiful region on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast with the unique chance to visit artists in their private studios over several days in October. Whilst there, visitors can learn about the artists’ creative processes, see their work and perhaps even make an art investment to call their own!

This year there are 97 artists participating, with 17 ceramicists. All artists can be seen on the website.


Download the Art Trail Guide HERE

Event Date 09-10-2020
Event End Date 18-10-2020
Capacity Unlimited
Suvira McDonald

UPDATE: Ceramic Arts Queensland has postponed this workshop until early next year.


Wheel Skills and Hand Building - Fine-Tuned

Suvira McDonald will be conducting a 2 day workshop at the studio of Anna-Marie Wallace's Made OF Australia. Wheel throwing demonstration only and hand building (with slabs) participatory. 


Event Date 10-10-2020 9:30 am
Event End Date 11-10-2020 4:00 pm
Registration Start Date 27-07-2020
Capacity 15
Registered 6
Available place 9
Cut off date 07-10-2020
Individual Price Members $170. Non-Members $200
$200.00 9

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

ACOS Logo Horizontal FINAL 110620 1024x624Australian Ceramics Open Studios (ACOS) is an annual nationwide weekend held event that celebrates clay, community and creativity. Hosted by The Australian Ceramics Association, over 100 ceramics studios – including many in and around Australia’s capital cities and regional centres – open their doors to offer insight, practical demonstrations and the chance to take home a handmade piece.


Mark your diaries for a road trip and check for open studios near you HERE


Event Date 21-11-2020 10:00 am
Event End Date 22-11-2020 4:00 pm
Capacity Unlimited
Raku Play - Light up the Night

Our first Toolkit workshop is an evening of raku firings at BIA

These sessions are for beginners to experienced potters. You will need to bring a few bisqued pots (5-10 small works)  ideally of a shape that is easy to pick up with tongs and place in a bin of combustibles. To keep you safe, please wear old sensible clothes, covered shoes, leather or similar gloves and drinking water.


At this evening event, we welcome onlookers to watch this amazing process at no cost.

The glow of the kilns and the molten glazes on the pots as they are removed from the kiln at around 1000 degrees is what gets raku enthusiasts excited. That and the results from plunging the ware in bins to smoke and create a reduction atmosphere to bring out the unpredictable range of colours on the clay surface.

Event Date 30-01-2021 4:00 pm
Event End Date 30-01-2021 8:00 pm
Registration Start Date 14-12-2020
Capacity 20
Registered 20
Available place 0
Cut off date 26-01-2021 12:00 pm
Individual Price Members $40 Non-Members $75

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Guest Lecture: Larissa Warren - Wild Clay

Ceramic Arts Qld is pleased to present a free lecture 

Experimenting with Wild Clay with Larissa Warren 

BVAC 140 Weller Rd Tarragindi

Join us from 10am to 1pm to hear Larissa's journey exploring, testing and creating with wild clay found on Tamborine Mountain. Attendees are encouraged to bring along their own wild clay and we will create some small hand built pieces that can be fired later in the year at our Toolkit #6 PIT FIRING Workshop.

You are welcome to join us for lunch at 1pm and stay on for our AGM at 2pm, please bring a plate to share (COVID safe please, eg individual portions of quiche, muffins, samosas etc)


Event Date 14-03-2021 10:00 am
Event End Date 14-03-2021 1:00 pm
Registration Start Date 08-02-2021
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 17
Cut off date 13-03-2021 5:00 pm

We are no longer accepting registration for this event


Ceramic Arts Qld

welcomes members and non-members to our

Annual General Meeting

2pm Sunday 14 March at BVAC 140 Weller Rd Tarragindi

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like more information about becoming a board member and to be sent nomination forms


Event Date 14-03-2021 2:00 pm
Registration Start Date 08-02-2021
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 3

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Open Studios Sunshine Coast


Open Studios Sunshine Coast is an exciting opportunity for artists and art enthusiasts alike. It is a chance for the keen art goer to rub shoulders with the artists in their places of creation. This event held over two weekends in March 2021 is bridged by 5 days of exciting workshops anyone can be part of. If you are a ceramic artist working in the Sunshine Coast Council area and are interested in this event take a look at our website for more information and to register.

Event Date 20-03-2021
Event End Date 28-03-2021
Capacity Unlimited
BVAC Open Weekend

Brisbane Visual Art Community BVAC is well known for its biannual Art and Craft Pop-Up SHops but this Autumn, you are invited to go behind the scenes and see art in action at the BVAC OPEN WEEKEND

There will be a range of art and craft demonstrations and hands-on opportunities include a raku firing presented by Ceramic Arts Qld


17 + 18 April

The Hub 140 Weller Rd Tarragindi

Event Date 17-04-2021
Event End Date 18-04-2021
Capacity Unlimited
Toolkit 2 Glaze: Apply, Mix, Problem Solve

CAQ Toolkit #2 workshop

Join Dianne Peach at the Brisbane Institute of Art to learn more about glazing. Dianne will take you through various processes of applying and mixing glazes and assist attendees with any questions they have about their own glazes in a Q & A problem solving session.


Amount: (for members) $85 (for non-members) $120

Event Date 15-05-2021 1:00 pm
Event End Date 15-05-2021 7:00 pm
Registration Start Date 14-02-2021 1:00 pm
Capacity 16
Registered 15
Available place 1
Cut off date 08-05-2021 12:00 pm
Reduced Lustre Masterclass


Ellen has broken her arm and cannot do any pottery until at least next year.


Ellen Terrell has been working in the field of reduced (Arabian) lustre for many years having learnt the technique from the late and great, Bob Connery.  We are thrilled she has agreed to present this masterclass for experienced potters with their own gas kiln wanting to explore this intriguing reduction firing method.

Event Date 20-06-2021 9:30 am
Event End Date 20-06-2021 4:00 pm
Registration Start Date 19-02-2021 2:00 pm
Capacity 8
Registered 8
Available place 0
Cut off date 31-05-2021 5:00 pm
Individual Price Members $170 Non-members $200

We are no longer accepting registration for this event

Buderim Craft Cottage Winter School

Bookings are now open for the Buderim Craft Cottage


a wonderful variety of workshops and masterclasses are available with highly respected tutors.

For more intormation and to book into a workshop

Event Date 03-07-2021
Event End Date 06-07-2021
Capacity Unlimited

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