Benefits of Joining Ceramic Arts Queensland

Ceramic Arts Queensland is the umbrella organisation representing the interests of ceramic artists and potters in Queesnaland and Northern New South Wales.

We have a long history of encouraging clay-workers to develop their skills and to share those skills with others in the community. We also strongly argue that the ceramic arts is the equal of any of the other visual arts and that our art is both valuable and collectable.

The benefits of being a member of Ceramic Arts Queensland are numerous:

  • Sharing and exchanging ideas with your fellow ceramic artists in an informal and friendly environment
  • Access to the CAQ Toolkit Workshops at members rates
  • Access to the members area of the CAQ website - a resource database of ceramic specific interests
  • Participation in any other opportunities that become available to the organisation and its members (eg. Pop-Up shops)
  • Entry to the CAQ Annual Members Exhibition
  • Entry to the CAQ $2000 Siliceous Award for Ceramic Excellence
  • Receipt of the CAQ Flash Newsletter - a fortnightly email with links to opportunities, exhibitions and latest industry news
  • Receipt of the CAQ Quarterly Bulletin - a 20 page newsletter which contains industry specific articles, events and opportunities

These publications are sent to you by email. Many members prefer the Quarterly Bulletin to be delivered also in hard copy.  It is a fine publication and the paper magazine is a convenient and handy format for keeping.  You can indicate you want to receive the printed Bulletin on the membership form (at a small additional cost that is well worth it!).

All members are encouraged to contribute to the CAQ Bulletin, Flash Newsletter and CAQ webpage.

Ways to become a member of Ceramic Arts Queensland.

  • Online -  choose the membership type from the list below, fill out the form online and press ‘submit form’; or
  • Just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Payment details are on the form. You will be notified when your payment is processed.